Short Timelapse

Recently I went on holiday to the Lake District, where the weather was constantly changing throughout the day. When I started the camera, the weather was nice and with the clouds overhead, I thought it would allow for an interesting video.

However the weather changed rapidly and the resulting video perfectly sums up what is was like throughout the week.



Music Video: MCP – “Rewind Time”

It’s been a while since I updated this blog, but here is a brand new video created for my Advanced Production Practises module at University!

WARNING!! Contains flashing images throughout!

This video was filmed by myself and a colleague – Faiz Barber. It was filmed using a Canon 700D (running Magic Lantern) and a Canon 60D, alongside a Sony EX-3 at Trumeter Studios in Greater Manchester.

Although the video was filmed by the two of us, this version was edited and graded by myself. The basic edit and some elements of visual effects were created in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, with VFX created in Adobe After Effects. The colour grading was achieved through Da Vinci Resolve Lite after the timeline was exported from Premiere.

Hope you like it! 
(and aren’t blinded by it)

Spreadable Media (Image) – What happened?

For my other media artefact, the image, it got more ratings than the video, but I cannot tell how many ‘views’ it received.


On Instagram, the image has 38 likes and 2 comments where other users are tagging their friends so they can see it as well. I believe the reason why it has so many likes, compared to my other posts on Instagram which on average have around 4 likes, is because of the tag #MUFC. With this hashtag, lots of people from all around the world can see it, and with United being perhaps the most famous team in the world (in my opinion), it is searched for quite often.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 19.10.35 copy


The other place the image got quite a few ratings (not all good, but still counts as views!) was on Tickld. On this site full of funny pictures and a very active community, the image received 135 likes and 54 dislikes, which adds up to 189 ratings in total. This image, compared to a lot of others on Tickld, may not be classed as particularly ‘funny’, and many people may be thinking that I ripped off the ‘Things Tim Howard Could Have Saved’ which happened during the World Cup 2014.
Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 11.28.06


On Facebook, the image received 9 likes which, like Instagram, is more than I usually get for my posts. I made the post public, meaning anybody can look at it when they go on my profile, but also means that other people can share it and let their friends see it, although nobody did share it.
Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 11.29.30


On Twitter, the tweet I made about this image with the hashtag #ThingsDeGeaCouldSave, I received 4 retweets and 1 favourite after tweeting the image to @TheLadBible who often post about these kind of images.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 11.37.16 Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 11.37.26


Despite not knowing how many views this image got, and purely basing it off the number of likes (and dislikes) it received, I believe this artefact of spreadable media was more successful than the video I created. There were lots of people who were tweeting about #ThingsDeGeaCouldSave, but no way near as many as were tweeting about the X Factor Finals, so, I believe, for this reason, it got noticed more. On Facebook, since I am from around Manchester and most of my friends are as well, the image was more appealing to them than it was to the users on Tickld.

Spreadable Media (Video) – How did it go?

Not great, but could have been worse!

For my spreadable media task, I attempted to get 2 media artefacts to spread, and despite releasing and tweeting the artefacts at peak times, they still did not get particularly far.

For my video of Ben Haenow’s live audition on The X Factor UK, the views on YouTube were poor, the Facebook views were slightly better and there were no retweets on Twitter. Hardly going viral. Below are the view counts from the video and from where they were viewed via YouTube.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 10.24.14

On Facebook, the video reached 261 views, but the analytical tools are pretty much none existent unless you have posted the video using a ‘ Facebook Page’. This video did receive 4 likes, which, considering I don’t use Facebook too often, could have been worse.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 10.37.56

The video got none to very, very little attention on Twitter, despite using the top trending tag and relevant tags in my tweets.

So, what went wrong?

For this task, I think part of my downfall might have been choosing a video or subject that already has a huge online profile. On YouTube, there are thousands of videos from X Factor, and other similar shows, from all around the world, and despite using relevant tags and giving it a suitable title, it just won’t get noticed.

For Twitter, I believe it failed to spread simply because at the time I was initially tweeting, Twitter was blowing up with tweets about The X Factor Finals. There were celebrities and people with a lot more followers than me using the hashtag #XFactorFinalResults meaning, I would not show up on the ‘Top’ page and instead, I would show up as 1 person amongst the thousands of ‘Tweeters’.

Silver Lining

In this case, the silver lining is Facebook. Despite only receiving 4 likes, the video received 261 views in just over 2 days, which means just under half of my ‘Facebook friends’ have seen it.

So, in summary:

  • Twitter – FAIL
  • YouTube – FAIL
  • Facebook – WIN (kind of)

Spreadable Media (Continuededed)

Following on from my last post on the David De Gea image seen below, I have shared the image on various different social media sites and the website ‘Tickld‘ to try and get the image spreading.



The image itself has not (so far as I am aware) spread further than the sites I have posted on, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tickld, but it has got quite a number of views.

On the site Tickld, the way in which images are judged is by allowing each user to vote the image ‘up’ (like) or down (dislike) and depending on the ratings. If an image has a high up:down ratio, it could end up on the ‘Hot’ page, which is the most popular, and the default, page on the site.

The stats of the image as of right now are 38 likes on Instagram; 135 Likes and 54 Dislikes on Tickld (must be some Liverpool fans on there); 9 likes on Facebook; and 4 ‘retweets’ and 1 ‘favourite’ on Twitter.

Based on a reverse image search using Google Images, it hasn’t spread further than these 4 places where I posted the image.


If you haven’t checked out Tickld before, I recommend doing so, there’s some hilarious stuff on there, just follow the link!

Spreadable Media (continued)

As an extra item of media I have attempted to spread is an image.


This image is that of David De Gea of Manchester United saving Mufasa of The Lion King.

This image has been created because of the Manchester United and Liverpool game from today where De Gea made multiple saves and the game ended 3 – 0 to United because of that.

Since the game, there have been lots and lots of images created portraying De Gea saving the world (of movies/tv/real life) one tragedy at a time.

Spreadable Media

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about how I had a task where I needed to create an item of ‘spreadable media’. This could have been a tweet, a blog post, a video or anything else easily accessible via the internet.

For this task, I have chosen to create a short video which (in theory) should spread and get seen by quite a few people. The video I have chosen to create is a mashup/comedy video based on ‘The X Factor’ finalist, Ben Haenow.

Recently there have been many videos making use of the line ‘My name Jeff’ from 22 Jump Street (very funny film by the way, watch the trailer here) where the audio has been either dubbed over the top of a video clip, or the video clip from the film is placed over the top of another video.

Here is a compilation of such videos:

Below, is my version of a ‘my name Jeff’ video.

Hope you enjoy it, and share!

Survey on Surround Sound and Games

For my Research in Emerging Technologies module, alongside the test we are running (which you can find more information on here) there is also an online survey for people to complete.

The aim of the survey is to collect data on how many hours people play games a week and the experience they have with different audio systems. From the survey, we will also be able to determine the kind of audio environment that is most wanted by the public (e.g. 7.1 / 5.1 surround sound, surround sound headphones etc.)

If you could spare a couple of minutes to complete this survey, then it would be greatly appreciated!

Please click below!

Video Games and Surround Sound Systems

Surround Sound and Video Games

As part of our Research In Emerging Technologies module, myself and a colleague, Dean (whose blog can be found here), are undergoing an experiment to see how immersive different audio systems are for playing games.

For this test, we will be asking the participants to play a level of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare in 4 different audio environments including silence, stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound, and the video from the game is output to a high-quality HD projector in a darkened room.

After each test, the subject will be asked how much each system immersed them in the game and if it triggered any emotional responses.

The test itself will be carried out using a Playstation 3 console with the audio output coming from the HDMI cable. The optical out of the PS3 does not output in 7.1 surround, it is limited to 5.1 so we chose not to use that method.

We have also been limited as to what games we can choose for the test since not all PS3 games are mixed for 7.1. We wanted to go for a game type which is renowned for being immersive, which is FPS (First Person Shooter) games, such as Call Of Duty and Battlefield. However, not all games released by these franchises are mixed in 7.1, but Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Black Ops and World at War are. After playing various levels of the story of each game, we found an ‘Epilogue’ mission in Modern Warfare called ‘Mile High Club’ which is perfect for what we need as the levels takes roughly 2 minutes to complete and each participant needs to play it through four times.

Check in for updates!

Spreadable Media And The Art Of Going Viral

So for my Research In Emerging Technologies / Social technologies module at uni, I have been tasked with creating a piece of spreadable media. This could either be 3 small items of media such as a tweet, a blog post or an image, or alternatively, 1 larger piece of media such as a video.

With the created item(s), I need to use social media to spread it as far as I can and record the progress. This could be counting the number of ‘retweets’ on Twitter, or by seeing how many views I can get on a video. The progress will likely be tracked using tools such as Google Analytics, the built in view counter for WordPress or the video views in YouTube, depending on the type of spreadable media created.

This project is very similar to one I had during my second year at uni where I created a ‘mashup’ video. In this video, the voice of Malcolm Tucker from ‘In The Loop’ and ‘The Thick Of It’ was dubbed over the top of the character Bane from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, and so it was titled ‘Malcolm Rises’ (which has almost 600 views so far – not impressive). However, in the previous project, it was a bit of a rushed job, and therefore, a few mistakes were made, something which I will not be doing again in this assignment.

For this project/task to succeed, there are a number of variables which need to be considered in order to get the most attention. These are (relating to the target audience):

• Who are they
• Where are they (online)?
• What are their concerns/interests?
• What do you think they are likely to want to share?

Keep checking in to find out which types of media I will be creating and the success I have in getting it to go viral/popular!